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Many works of Jerry Owen have been recorded on compact disk . . .
(Underlined titles are linked to mp3 samples)

Soundscapes of the Heartland on Fleur de Son Classics FDS 57984
Dance Moments (vln. & piano) Horiuchi/Kominami
Licorice Brittle (clar. & piano) Bellomy/Lecuona
Suite of Colors (cello & Piano) Bostian/Loerhke
Piano Sonata No. 3 / Kominami
Czech Inspired on Fleur de Son Classics FDS 57974
Gypsy Inspirations / Red Cedar Trio
Trio Concertant Over Czech Folk Songs / Red Cedar Trio
Two Variations on Dvorak's Scherzo of the American Quartet
Intimate Dances on Centaur Records CRC-2233
Intimate Dances (fl. & guitar) Boland/Egger
Four Songs/Blake (sop. & piano) Morgan/Jenson
Four Studies for Guitar / Egger
Encounters (piano) / B. Smoker
Red Cedar Collection on Fleur de Son Classics FDS 57960
Hidden Tango / Red Cedar Chamber Music
One By One on Karrleton Recordings
13 movement cantata

Also look for

Hidden Tango (flute & guitar) / Richard Hand & Jennifer Stinton on Cadenza CACD0907
a fine recording of "Hidden Tango" (released in 2009)


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