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Vocal Solo

"The music captured the metaphysical mysticism of Blake's
late-eighteenth century philosophical poems. Again, there were
tremendous contrasts of moods; from transcendent bliss to moral outrage..."
- Composer Robert Nassif on "Four Songs..."

(UNDERLINED titles are linked to mp3 samples)

FIVE SONGS ON POEMS BY ANN STRUTHERS. 2007. Mezzo-soprano and piano. Duration: 21'. Premiere: Ann Cravero, Sept. 15, 2007, Drake University, Des Moines, IA. Indian Hill Road Music IHRM

OUT OF AMERICA. 1994. Soprano and Piano. Duration: 4'. Text by Paul Engle. Available from Indian Hill Road Music.

FOUR SONGS ON POEMS BY WILLIAM BLAKE. 1985. Soprano and piano. 4 songs. Duration: 9'. Premiere: Victoria Johnson, soprano, and Beverly Smoker, Jan., 1986, Coe College. Recorded on Centaur Records, CRC 2233 Indian Hill Road Music IHRM 8601.

CHILDHOOD SONGS. 1978. Soprano, flute, cello, piano. Suite of 13. Duration: 20'. Premiere: May, 1979, Coe College. Indian Hill Road Music IHRM 7801.

MUSIC AFTER TIMES OF WAR. 1973. 5 songs. Baritone voice, SSAA chorus, 2 perc., tape. Duration: 22'. Premiere: University of Iowa Composition Department, 1973. Available from Indian Hill Road Music.

HAIKU SUITE. 1968. Soprano and piano. Duration: 18'. Premiere: Marilyn Schaaf Owen accompanied by the composer, DePauw University, May, 1968. Indian Hill Road Music IHRM 6806-4.


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